Western Wildlife Manager’s Team 2007 – 2011

Primorye in the south of the Russian Far East represents the only area in the world where both Amur/Siberian tigers and leopards still exist in the wild. However, this magnificent species is under great threat from the insatiable demand for tiger parts which appear to be the main driving force behind poaching and traffic. In addition, human actions, deliberate or negligent, continue to shrink, fragment and degrade forests, existing and potential tiger habitats.

This Phoenix project aims to strengthen the protection of tiger habitat and populations.

To struggle with poaching and strengthen protection activities in tiger habitat Phoenix supports anti-poaching activities of various state environmental law enforcement agencies, including the Western wildlife managers’ team of Primorsky Hunting Management Department. The team operates in the north of Primorye (Krasnoarmeisky, Dalnerechensky, Pozharsky, Kirovsky and Terneisky districts), still rich in wildlife and cedar forests.

Changes in forest management in recent years as a result of administrative reform in Russia has led to the devolvement of law enforcement powers from federal to local authority. Since January 2008 the local Primorsky Krai government became responsible for the protection of both forests and fauna within the province and Rosselkhoznadsor (Russian Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service) was empowered to control the new Game and Rare Species Department (GRSD) and check how inspectors in the Hunting Management Department protect forest and wildlife resources.

In 2010  the team showed good results and conducted 98 anti-poaching patrols, issued 63 citations on violations of nature conservation laws such as illegal logging and poaching and seized 15 illegal firearms. 

This Project was fully-funded by Kolmarden Fundraising Foundation.